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Manufacturing & Logistics

Developing new management skills and capabilities to encourage mental health discussions within male dominated teams

Manufacturing & Logistics

Manufacturing & Logistics

The Manufacturing & Logistics sector have been under significant pressure for some time to deliver a better service at a lower cost at a time. However, since the pandemic, there has been the added challenge of supply chain disruption and an intensifying skills gap. 

Incidences of work related mental ill health are rising (and that’s just the reported cases). Given the sector is heavily male dominated, we can be certain that the situation is much worse. Mental health in men is often under diagnosed or hidden with many feeling they have to ‘man up and carry on. For some men the embarrassment or perceived consequences of getting help are just too great.

A manager working in male dominated teams needs to be especially skilled at spotting early warning signs and knowing how to create a culture where team members feel comfortable to have a conversation about mental health and poor wellbeing. This is not a common skill found in the current management pool and therefore the need for training to develop new skills, attitudes and behaviours is vast. 

Men are three times more likely than women to take their own lives, and are more likely to die from alcoholism or drug abuse
In 2020/21, 41% of all work-related ill health was reported to be due to stress, depression or anxiety and it is on the rise
Only 25% of the workforce are women and most managers are men
77% of manufacturers are preparing for ongoing difficulties in attracting and retaining workers

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