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Case study


Supporting Sainsbury’s since 2018 with Mental Health First Aid training and blended Mental Health and Conflict Management programs.

What we did

Mental health first aid

We trained mental health first aiders from various departments to provide initial support to those who need it.

Bespoke content

We developed and delivered face to face and live trainer led virtual sessions around mental health, resilience and conflict management.

Personal safety

We created a tailored personal safety and conflict management course to meet the specific needs of this unique retail environment.

Joining the dots between conflict and wellbeing

As in most retail environments, frontline staff are all too often in the firing line. They come face to face with angry or aggressive customers in handling refunds, refusing service and preventing shop theft.

We developed a more holistic training package that joins the dots between conflict and wellbeing. Conflict can impact our wellbeing, but our state of wellbeing can also influence our response to conflict.

We also looked at how to manage conflict when mental ill health may be a factor.

Retail Engagement Events

We speak at national employee wellbeing engagement events (face to face and virtually). Bespoke content tailored around their specific needs and full of practical, actionable tips and advice.

What the client said

What the client said

"We were looking for a partner, who had a positive approach to Mental Health & Wellbeing. Someone who could convey the message in an engaging way while still being laser sharp about the seriousness of taking care of your own wellbeing. It was important to select a program, which could embrace our Colgate Culture and at the same time tap straight into various local cultures and allow each individual to feel invited and listen to.

The program has been a great success with incredible high participation on both the virtual instructor-led sessions and the eLearning modules. What we particularly love is the bite-sized, fun and interactive way the eLearning is constructed with a great variety to keep the learner hooked.

The equal and unpretentious dialogue Oakwood masters creates psychological safety and opens up for dialogue, vulnerability - and the opportunity to proactively take responsibility"

Susanne Vang

Susanne Vang

Talent Acquisition & Learning Manager - Northern Europe, Colgate-Palmolive Company