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Welcome to Oakwood

Helping you develop a culture with employee wellbeing at the heart

Welcome to Oakwood

Helping you develop a culture with employee wellbeing at the heart

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Training <br>Programmes


Training in skills and behaviours to enhance workplace wellbeing & facilitate employee productivity



Bringing our training content and engaging delivery style to the online world



A system to measure the true impact of your investment in wellbeing training and initiatives

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From policies to your wellbeing strategy, our consultancy services are tuned to meet your needs

It’s good for people and good for business

Workplace Wellbeing

Creating happier, more inclusive, and productive workplaces.

What we believe in

Oakwood has just turned 10 this year and we’ve been reflecting on why we do what we do. Delivering mental health and wellbeing programmes is what we do of course, but what really gets us out of bed in the morning is something much more. 

Our ‘Why’ is about creating happier, more inclusive, and productive workplaces where people feel valued and fulfilled and are at the very heart of the way the business operates. We believe it’s good for people and good for business. 


Despite the great strides made in raising awareness of workplace wellbeing, the sad reality is that wellbeing still takes a back seat to ‘other business priorities. Initiatives and awareness days are great but only a few businesses are truly integrating wellbeing into their strategy. 

This must change and pretty quickly in an ever more challenging and competitive business environment we serve.

We deliver a range of bespoke training and wellbeing services to sectors where people are key to business success: Retail, Hospitality, Housing, Charities, Manufacturing and Logistics. We partner with global market leaders to progress their wellbeing development programmes.

We are unique in being able to able to offer a more holistic approach and understand the link between conflict and wellbeing. Conflict can obviously impact our wellbeing, but our wellbeing can also influence our response to conflict.

Wellbeing in Retail Project

The Wellbeing In Retail Project aims to help shape the future of workplace well-being for the benefit of the sector and the people working within it.

Directed by an independent steering group consisting of business leaders from top UK and International retail brands, we have just completed a research project to understand the current state of play and to uncover valuable and actionable insights for both the industry and phase 2 of our project.

A Wellbeing Partnership

Hear what our clients have to say

82% of companies globally consider wellbeing to be a priority but 53% say that it is not being prioritised due to other focusses
Stress, depression, or anxiety account for >50% of all work-related ill health cases
Management style is the most common cause for stress at work
Employees that feel supported by their organisation are 81% less likely to consider seeking an employment change in the next year.

Interested in our specialist sector based support?

Whilst Oakwood works with many large international organisations we offer specialist programmes fine tuned to the needs of the following sectors: