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Impact Measurement

A platform and methodology to enable you to measure the true impact of your investment in wellbeing training and initiatives.

Impact Measurement

Measuring the impact of training and your return on investment

82% of businesses believe that employee wellbeing should be a business priority, but many say it takes a back seat to other priorities. Whilst all organisational wellbeing investments will have been kicked off with some form of business case, outlining the anticipated return on that investment, many senior business leaders fear that these investments may be at risk due to the absence of a credible method to measure impact.

Oakwood have been conducting research on this issue for some time and have developed a proprietary evaluation platform and methodology which assesses the impact of wellbeing training programmes. Based on our extensive experience consulting with large corporate clients on their wellbeing strategies and the countless conversations had with managers over the years about wellbeing development aims and outcomes, we are working to evolve the system into a general wellbeing impact measurement system.

The system will be configurable to specifically align with your organisation’s wellbeing investment business case. We are also working to ensure the technology stack, data security and data visualisation tools meet the needs of the greatest proportion of our large corporate clients. If you would like to hear more or input to the ongoing development of this system, please get in touch.

Here’s a taster of what our training tries to achieve

De-Escalating & Managing Conflict

Are your teams equipped with the skills and behaviours required to diffuse and manage conflict in the workplace?


Workplace Wellbeing For Managers

Do your managers know how to build personal and team resilience? Do the understand the link between performance and wellbeing?


Holistic Approach To Wellbeing In The Workplace

How do you and your teams handle mental health support or are the really difficult conversations avoided?

Why Choose Us?

So, what makes our system different

1. Training specific or customised to for general wellbeing markers

2. Licence based model, but no lengthy contract

3. It’s more than just a survey

4. Data to aid investment decision making

5. Data to communication the wellbeing story to your teams

6. Live data visualisation tools (Coming soon)

A Wellbeing Partnership

Hear what our clients have to say

Brands we work with

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