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Training Programmes

Training in skills and behaviours to enhance workplace wellbeing & facilitate employee productivity

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Training Programmes

Bespoke programmes developed around your needs

Over half of days lost to sickness are due to a stress, anxiety, and depression. Even if work isn’t the problem, it’s often at work that the consequences are felt.

Specialists in mental health training and personal safety training (and in fact a blend of both), we tailor our wellbeing training programmes to the specific challenges of your work environments. We can include your own policies and procedures and will customise our approach to your individual preferences.

The ‘so what does this mean to me as a manager/employee in my workplace?’ piece is so often missing from generic ‘tick-box’ type training. We develop content specifically for your business, so your people know what is expected of them rather than just generic content. We want to help you drive positive change so ensure our training is highly interactive and engaging, giving people the knowledge and confidence to use the skills they learn in their future workplace interactions.

Our team of specialist personal safety and mental health trainers aren’t just academics, their experience is based on real world, frontline experience. We can deliver in any time zone or language and amend content to consider local cultural differences, perspectives, and relevant legislation.

How we can help

Workplace Wellbeing For Managers

Do your managers know how to build personal and team resilience? Do they understand the link between performance and wellbeing?


Holistic Approach To Wellbeing In The Workplace

How do you and your teams handle mental health support or are the really difficult conversations avoided? How do you prevent burnout?


De-Escalating & Managing Conflict

Are your teams equipped with the communication skills and behaviours required to diffuse and manage conflict in the workplace?

A Wellbeing Partnership

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Oakwood Training

Why choose us?


Developed by experts and delivered by practitioners with real life skills and experience

Handpicked trainers

We carefully match our trainers to your teams and their goals

Credible & current

We constantly collaborate with Employment Law & Medical Specialists and offer internationally recognised MHFA

Flexible formats

We can completely customise our programmes to your specific needs; be that the topic combination, size, or delivery methods

Global in design

We deliver in a range of languages; ensuring consideration of cultural differences, perspectives, and relevant legislation

Brands we work with

Video Snippet

Watch this video to experience an Oakwood training session


How else can we help?



Bringing our bespoke training content and unique engaging delivery style to the online world



A system to measure the true impact of your investment in wellbeing training and initiatives



From policies to your wellbeing strategy, our consultancy services are perfectly tuned to your needs