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From policies to your wellbeing strategy, our consultancy services are perfectly tailored to meet your needs


A wellbeing partnership

Many of our clients initially approach us for one of two reasons; either they feel they need a new policy or procedure and are seeking the ideal partner to get it done or it’s a for a general discussion about Wellbeing in the workplace.

Whatever the reason, we take these initial conversations very seriously and they are always with Terry, our founder. Usually, after about 30 minutes of discussion, we might identify together that there is actually a root issue acting as a roadblock in their workplace wellbeing improvement plan and the solution might be quite different.

It then becomes clear that what was really needed was a general triage discussion followed by inspiration and support to work out how to move forward and work through the roadblock.

We love these sorts of discussions because usually these result in consultancy projects that challenge us to think strategically and have the potential to deliver real changes within an organisation’s workplace.

If you know us (or have read our about us section), we are a team driven by purpose. Our ‘why’ is to support our clients to  create happier, more inclusive, and productive workplaces where people feel valued and fulfilled and are at the very heart of the way the business operates. We believe it’s good for people and good for business.

Whilst our consultancy is individually tailored to your needs here is how we have supported our many clients previously;

Wellbeing Strategic Planning

General or Specific (e.g. Lone Working) Policies & Procedures

Embedding a Holistic Approach

Wellbeing Charter Development

Development Of Bespoke eLearning Material

Violence At Work Risk Assessment

A Wellbeing Partnership

Hear from our clients

A Wellbeing Partnership

Hear from our clients

Brands we work with

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How else can we help?

Training <br>Programmes


Training in skills and behaviours to enhance workplace wellbeing & facilitate employee productivity



Bringing our bespoke training content and unique engaging delivery style to the online world



A system to measure the true impact of your investment in wellbeing training and initiatives