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Case study


A wellbeing partnership since 2019 with mental health and wellbeing programs, Mental Health First Aid training, Conflict Management and De-Escalation courses.

What we did

Mental health

Mental health and wellbeing training for Senior Leaders, HR teams, Managers and employees.

Mental health First Aid

Training and upskilling Mental Health First Aiders across the business.

Personal Safety

Tailored personal safety and conflict management course to meet the specific needs of a retail environment.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Programs

Supporting all levels of the business to meet the specific needs of its people, from the senior leadership and HR teams to frontline managers and employees.

Mental Health First Aid initial and refresher courses along with upskilling and support for their first aiders.

Conflict Management, De-Escalation, Lone Working and Personal Safety training for frontline employees.

What the client said