We have been helping AS Watson Group look after both the mental health and personal safety of their employees

What we did...

Mental Health

We developed and delivered training from the CEO, to Senior Leaders and managers across the business.

Personal safety

Our personal safety courses include professional actors, to bring training to life in realistic scenarios.


We continue to deliver key messages about wellbeing at internal conferences, virtually and in person. 


We created shareable content and key messages to meet their unique needs in the wake of COVID-19.

Mental health

We've been supporting all levels of the business, creating tailored content to meet the specific needs of it's people, from the CEO to  frontline staff. Our inputs have varied from large scale national and regional conferences to classroom courses, and now continue digitally in live facilitator-lead virtual sessions. 

Personal safety

Staff in stores are all too often in the firing line. They run the risk of meeting an angry or aggressive customer with potential flashpoints being refunds, refusing service and shoplifters. 

We developed a tailored course, focusing on communication and awareness skills, and use our team of specialists and actors to help workers manage unpredictable, potentially volatile situations. 

Key messages and shareables

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic we have been supporting AS Watson Group by providing content and resources to help them look after the mental health and wellbeing of their people. 


People Development Content & Design Manager, AS Watson Group

I’ve worked with Terry and Team Oakwood on multiple projects. It’s a sad fact that the violence and aggression is on the rise in the retail sector and AS Watson wanted to be proactive and give our colleagues the knowledge and tools to defuse a potentially intense situation that could put our teams, colleagues or visitors at risk.

The feedback’s been incredible, fun and engaging. Our retail colleagues are telling us it helps to build their confidence. I highly recommend Team Oakwood – An innovative training provider that works towards tailoring their solution to your business.

Claire Reeves People Development Content & Design Manager, AS Watson Group

CEO, Next

Terry was an excellent trainer and we came away with a much clearer picture of how mental health issues affect people at work. The training was engaging, accessible, informative, important and mind-broadening. Most of all, the training helped to dispel the stigma and fear of mental health - giving delegates the confidence to recognise some of the symptoms and a desire to do what we can to help people through periods of mental ill-health.

Lord Simon Wolfson CEO, Next

Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Next

Oakwood have helped Next to embark upon their journey to improve the way those who experience mental ill-health are recognised, heard and helped. From the development of corporate objectives and a Mental Wellbeing Charter to the creation and delivery of a comprehensive training programme and procedures, Oakwood have been incredibly supportive at every stage.

Andy Latham Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Next

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Advisor, Next

Terry and Oakwood have been working closely with us at Next over the last year to assist in the development of our Mental Health programme. They have delivered senior management Mental Health awareness training and have also worked with some key personnel within Next to develop their knowledge, confidence and delivery in the subject of Mental Health creating our own in house training resource.

Terry is so approachable and personable. He has been incredibly supportive to our team and has help us to set up a great platform on which to build.

Claire Kershaw Health, Safety and Wellbeing Advisor, Next

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