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Case study


Our ongoing work with Barnardo's began in 2017.

What we did

Top down approach

We developed and delivered training from the CEO, to Senior Leaders and mananagers across the business.

Face to face courses

Comprehensive training programs reflecting regional (across the UK) and team differences (Support Services and Retail).

Mental health first aiders

We trained mental health first aiders from various departments to provide initial support to staff and champion wellbeing at work.

Online learning

We created bespoke pre and post-course resources and online programmes to reach as many people as possible.

Barnardo's has 5,000 paid employees and over 19,000 volunteers spread across a variety of teams and services, all with their own policies and procedures.

Senior leaders wanted to ensure that they support staff just as well as they support service users.

We created and delivered comprehensive face to face training and online programs, reflecting regional (across the UK) and team differences (Support Services and Retail).

We developed a 'whole organisation approach' starting with tailored training session for Directors and Senior leaders.

We identified that many staff, children's services, for example, needed additional support and we tailored our courses to include vicarious/secondary trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout.

We trained Mental Health First Aiders and developed an ongoing programme of support for them.

We created bespoke pre and post-course resources specific to each role (managers or frontline employees). Resource include those available within Barnardo's, such as policies, EAP and Wellness Actions Plans.

On top of all this, we are also delivering online Mental Health Awareness Training to 24,000 staff and volunteers over the next 3 years.

Did we make a difference?


Staff trained

We rolled out bespoke face to face mental health awareness training to 2500 staff. Courses were tailored according to role (manager's etc) and service (retail or children services).


Online courses

Our online programme will be rolled out to 24,000 staff and over the next three years. We developed a 'Trauma' module due to the nature of their work.

6 to 9

Understanding is up!

As a direct result of our training, self-reported knowledge, understanding and personal confidence around mental health rose from an average score of 6 to 9 out of 10.

What the client said