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Wellbeing and working from home

Whether we chose it or not, working from home is a reality for so many people right now. For some, that’s great news! More control and freedom to balance home and work lives. 

For others, the sanctuary of home has been invaded by work, the inbox constantly nagging for your attention making it impossible to switch off and enjoy bath time with the kids.
 Technology has meant the things we used to leave at work have literally been brought home with us.   But just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.  

As this way of working is forced on so many by circumstances beyond our control, how do we avoid feeling isolated, unsupported and overwhelmed? In this short session we’ll share a few some simple tips to look after your own wellbeing whilst working from home.


Wellbeing and working from home (15mins)


Understand how to look after your wellbeing whilst working from home

Learn how to get the right balance for you

Learn tips to avoid feeling isolated and overwhelmed or burnt out

Course unit breakdown

In this opening chapter, we meet Andrew, Working from home is for him at least, quite a challenge.

An interactive session exploring some of the challenges in working from home.   

A short quiz to learn more about homeworking.

In this chapter we dig in to what we can do to look after ourselves, ensuring the best work life balance for us. We look at how to prepare for the working day, as well as what to do during and after to support wellbeing.

We touch base with Andrew who has it all sorted! Well, not quite, but he's working on it. 

In our final chapter we review what we learnt.  

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