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Managing Workplace Wellbeing and Mental Health

The role of a manager has always been to get the best out of their people. We know that work can have a huge impact on our overall wellbeing.

For some managers ‘mental health’ is a minefield, the new bad back, or nothing to do with them.

For others, creating workplaces that support good wellbeing is not only the right thing to do, it’s good for business. It’s a win-win.

As a manager, how do you encourage a workplace culture that supports and promotes wellbeing

Would you know if someone was struggling in the office or working remotely? 

How do you even start a conversation? What if you say the wrong thing and make it worse, or end up with a grievance? 

Managing Workplace Wellbeing and Mental Health (30mins)


Understand the common concerns managers have when looking after employee wellbeing

How to promote a culture of wellbeing to challenge myth and stigma

Practical tips on how to put wellbeing at the heart of your workplace

Course unit breakdown

Terry welcomes you to the course and sets out what's coming. 

Find out how much you already know in this interactive quiz. In it we challenge some of the more commonly held views about mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

1: Creating supportive workplaces:

How do you create a more proactive approach to wellbeing, rather than just reacting when people return from the sick? In this unit we focus on what you can you do to influence the culture in your workplace.

2: Spotting the signs and what to do:

The world has changed, and for many managers, looking after the wellbeing of remote workers is even more challenging than managing people face to face. In this interactive unit, you are in the driver seat, identifying signs of illness and deciding what to do about them.  

3: Considerations for managers: 

If an employee has a mental health problem, what does that mean for you as their manager? In this unit we explore the legal position and share considerations to help get this right (both for the employee and the business.)  

With so many demands on your time, putting your own wellbeing on the agenda can be a real challenge. The truth is, there is only so much anyone can take. So how do you look after your own wellbeing?

A final knowledge check to see if we've done our jobs properly, followed by a closing message from Terry. 

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