Building personal resilience and managing stress

Being under pressure or feeling stressed is an inevitable and arguably healthy reality of life. Stress can bring out our best and push us to achieve things we never dreamed possible. 

But sometimes it seems our self-worth is measured by how much we can put up with, a rite of passage to see how long we can grin can bear it... surviving rather than thriving.   

In a desperate attempt to show how strong we are, we often break ourselves, coming back day after day for more of the same expecting a different outcome. That’s not resilience. I think Einstein called it insanity.  

It turns out we are hardwired to be resilient, and it’s in the recovery that we get stronger.  In this short programme, you’ll learn that far from being a fixed character trait, resilience can be built. 

Our team of mental health specialists have come together to provide you with evidence based guidance in this online awareness course. We've developed this course to be just as engaging and interactive as our face to face programmes.

Here’s what you get...

Access the full online course straight away, so you can move at your own pace. It's modular, so drop in and out anytime, and pick right back up where you left off.

Gain understanding

Our specialist team share real world practical tips on how to build your own personal resilience and manage stress. 

Learn 'best practice' 

You will learn tried and tested evidence based techniques for proactively building resilience, something we all need.  

Engaging Content

None of the usual 'read text and click next'. Our course are designed to be interactive keeping you engaged in learning.

What’s in our 'Personal Resilience and Stress Management' Course?

Chapter 1: What is 'Resilience'?

In this opening chapter, we tackle one or two misconceptions about resilience.  

Chapter 2: What does a 'resilient' person look like?

An interactive session exploring key attributes of resilience.   

Chapter 3: Resilience and stress management

A deeper dive into the relationship between resilience and stress management

Chapter 4: Building personal resilience

In this chapter we dig in to the key components of resilience and the simple steps we can take to build our own resilience.

Chapter 5: A recap on what we have discovered

Bringing things to a close, we check to see how much went in, as well as highlighting some of the less helpful stress management strategies!

About The Trainer:
Terry Streather

Terry is Director and Head of Training at Oakwood. He believes that mental health and wellbeing should be proactive, rather than reactive. With over 12 years teaching experience in these areas, he advises organisations in the development of appropriate risk assessment and policy.

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