How to spot potential conflict and what to do about it. 

Being verbally abused, threatened or even physically assaulted is a shocking reality for some workers.

But regardless of what kind of job you do, being subjected to this behaviour is not a PART of your job.

Even though we know about the hugely damaging impact of conflict on performance, engagement and staff wellbeing, it is often assumed that people know how to handle these situations, using their 'communication skills'. 

Well, not everyone has them. 

It’s so common to hear 'I didn't see it coming' or 'It just happened so fast, there was no warning'.

Sometimes bad things do happen suddenly, but were there really no signs?

Do you even know what to look for? And most importantly, do you know what to do about it? What is the best way to calm things down? 

So many questions...

Get the answers and so much more.

Our team of conflict management specialists have come together to provide you with evidence based guidance in this online awareness course. We've developed this course to be just as engaging and interactive as our face to face programmes.

Here’s what you get...

Access the full online course straight away, so you can move at your own pace. It's modular, so drop in and out anytime, and pick right back up where you left off.

Gain understanding

Our specialist team share real world practical tips on how to prevent and manage conflict. 

Learn 'best practice' 

You will learn what to look out for and what to do, using tried and tested approaches. 

Engaging Content

None of the usual 'read text and click next'. Our course are designed to engage.

What’s in our Conflict Management

and Personal Safety Course?

Unit 1: A welcome message  

Unit 2: Opening Quiz

Unit 3: Why do people get angry?

Unit 4: How do you spot potential conflict and assess risk?

Unit 5: Deciding what to do 

Unit 6: What can I do to calm things down? 

Unit 7: After an incident

Unit 8: How to look after yourself

Unit 9: Knowledge Check

Unit 10: Closing thoughts

About The Trainer:
Terry Streather

Terry is Director and Head of Training at Oakwood. With 15 years of front line experience as a police officer and specialist conflict management trainer, he knows that real life conflict doesn’t follow a script!     

He believes that by understanding conflict and it's impact on wellbeing we will be able to prevent and resolve it more effectively. When he's not wrestling with his kids, he spends his time speaking, teaching and advising organisations on their approach to wellbeing and personal safety, and the link between them.

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