Mental Health Awareness Post Round Up


Awareness events are great, but as Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 draws to a close, far too many may feel they have ticked that box now...on to the next priority!

But hold on...

Our mental wellbeing is at the very centre of all we do; from how we feel, to our attitudes about things, to the way we behave and even perform at work.

And until we start to prioritise it, both as individuals and organisations, things won't get any better. 

So, here's the challenge...

Don't let all the great work of this week be a tick in the box. Make real and lasting change.  

In support of Mental Health Awareness Week 2017, I thought I would bring together our most popular blogs on the subject. 

​Here you'll find links to posts covering the most common forms of mental ill health. I also "gently challenge" some of the more widely held views and perceptions out there, in the hope that we start to be a little more mindful of how we speak about and treat people experiencing poor mental health, whether it be diagnosed or not. 

This week has been all about viewing mental well-being from a different perspective. Rather than focusing on labels, diagnosis and signs and symptoms, it's challenged us all to think about one simple question...

Are you "Surviving" or "Thriving"? ​

Top five tips for supporting wellbeing in the workplace
A return to a ‘new normal’- a resilience challenge. The world has changed. In just a few short months the[...]
Supporting staff wellbeing as retail comes out of lockdown
This article first appeared in you remember what it was like before Covid-19? Some of us might wistfully reminisce about[...]
Coronavirus and my wellbeing
The spread of the coronavirus is a very worrying news for us all. Turn on the TV and we hear[...]
Wellbeing is not a PR stunt
Dave’s organisation has a wellbeing policy. They are on it. They have Mental Health Champions, an Employee Assistance Programme and[...]
‘Manage Stress’ or ‘Build Resilience’?
A common observation on our courses is that ‘life’ is a whole lot more stressful than it used to be.[...]
‘Stress’ or ‘Disability’- What do we have to do?
As mental health and safety specialists, there are two questions we get asked more often than any other:1.   Is 'work-related stress'[...]
Mirror mirror on the wall…
Our bodies are capable of some pretty incredible things. They get us moving every day, fight off illness, and can[...]
Is Safety and Health at the heart of your work?
Yes, you have your fire assembly point sign on the door and a first aid kit in the cupboard. And[...]
Stress: If we didn’t cause it, it’s not our problem.
Stress doesn’t have to start at work to become a problem at work. You’ve had an argument with your partner[...]
Is Poor Work-Life Balance Holding Women Back?
It’s no secret that gender equality in the boardroom is a real issue for businesses. In fact, the number of[...]
You Did What To Yourself?
Self-harm is rarely about ‘attention seeking’. Nor is it something that only teenagers do to be part of whatever group[...]
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About the Author

Terry is Director and Head of Training at Oakwood. He helps clients promote a proactive, rather than reactive approach to both personal safety and the positive mental health of their staff. He has over 12 years teaching experience in these areas, and advises organisations in the development of appropriate risk assessment and policy.