"...fantastically energetic and engaging..."

Terry is a passionate, dynamic and engaging speaker on the topics of Mental Health and Personal Safety.

Head of Profit Protection at a FTSE company
Mark Hills CEO, YMCA
John Neill Chairman and CEO, Unipart Group
Lee Chambers Distribution Director, Unipart Group
Julia O’Hegarty Senior Content and Conference Producer, St John Ambulance
Mela Davidson Conference Director, Retail Knowldge
Claire Kershaw Health, Safety and Wellbeing Advisor, Next
Frank Nigriello Director of Corporate Affairs, Unipart Group
Louise Kadege Managing Director ORIS Forums
Lord Simon Wolfson CEO, Next
Sue Berry Assistant Director - Children’s Services, Barnardo's
Iain Arnott UK North Security Consultant, Primark Stores Limited
Nick Hawkins Safety, Security & Licensing Officer

Head of Profit Protection at a FTSE company

Terry is a dynamic, passionate and highly engaging presenter and facilitator. I've heard him speak at several events and his ability to engage and connect with the audience is fantastic.


In my twenty years in the third sector I have not come across a better trainer. I would highly recommend Terry to any organisation

Chairman and CEO, Unipart Group

As a company, Unipart has long been committed to the well-being of all our colleagues and has put in place many programmes and facilities to benefit both their physical and mental wellness.

Facing the dual challenges of an ever-increasing pace of change and the impact of the pandemic, we have particularly engaged our leadership in understanding their role in meeting these 21st-century challenges.

That's why it was so important for us to have an acknowledged expert like Terry Streather work with both with small groups and to address our entire leadership team in an online presentation that was highly informative and engaging and has gained many plaudits from those who attended.

Distribution Director, Unipart Group

The key to any content is in its delivery. Nothing short of world class Terry at our Operations Leadership training. Many, many of our colleagues have been discussing this today. That’s testament to your articulation of such a difficult topic. The content is so thought provoking and I’m already trying to embrace some new approaches for
my personal ‘wellbeing’ but importantly my team members.

Senior Content and Conference Producer, St John Ambulance

Terry is a great communicator and leader in the mental health field. As a key speaker at our recent conference in Birmingham (March 2020) on ‘Embedding Mental Health Best Practices’, I have no hesitation in highly recommending him as both a presenter and as a someone with a genuine commitment and drive for delivering mental health and wellbeing excellence to deliver transformational change.

Conference Director, Retail Knowldge

Terry is a great presenter who offers exciting new perspectives on people and risk management, based on years of hands-on experience. He definitely energizes the room!

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Advisor, Next

Terry is so approachable and personable and really connects with his audience. He is both engaging and inspirational with a wealth of knowledge and ‘real life’ stories.

Director of Corporate Affairs, Unipart Group

Unipart has already invested significantly in wellbeing programmes for our people. In an online workshop with our leadership team, it was important to work to a brief that brought together existing activities, harmonised with our culture, and yet created challenging thinking for our leaders. Terry was able to achieve this and create a compelling event that was rated highly by the audience.

Managing Director, ORIS Forums

On behalf of ORIS Forums I would like to thank you for attending our event and delivering a fantastically energetic and engaging presentation – our members loved it!

CEO, Next

Terry was an excellent trainer and we came away with a much clearer picture of how mental health issues affect people at work. The training was engaging, accessible, informative, important and mind-broadening. Most of all, the training helped to dispel the stigma and fear of mental health - giving delegates the confidence to recognise some of the symptoms and a desire to do what we can to help people through periods of mental ill-health.

Assistant Director - Children’s Services, Barnardo's

Terry has a unique presentation style – whilst dealing with a really difficult subject area he is both sensitive and very funny. Oakwood helped us to deliver Mental Health Awareness to approximately 100 staff in one day. I wanted a trainer who would engage with a range of staff with differing needs and experience levels and also be inspiring for them all. The feedback from all staff has been 100% positive – not only did they learn and engage they also really enjoyed the session and they are all thinking about how they look after themselves too

UK North Security Consultant, Primark Stores Limited

An excellent presentation Terry, really engaging.

Safety, Security & Licensing Officer

Terry was fantastic, very engaging and pitched at exactly the right level. He totally captivated the entire room of over 100 people.

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Media Enquiries

Terry is an expert in mental wellbeing and personal safety. He is not just an academic, his expertise is based on real world, extensive front line experience.

He is happy to speak about:

  • Embedding a culture of openess at work
  • Resilience to enhance personal productivity 
  • Managing stress in the workplace
  •  The rise of mental health problems in the UK
  • Building personal and team resilience
  • Line managing mental health-getting it right
  • Employment Law and mental health
  • The impact of lone working on wellbeing
  • Personal safety for lone workers
  • Managing conflict and aggression
  • Self defence in the workplace
  • The use of restraint