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Is Resilience All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Mental Health , news

Share0 Tweet0 Share0 Resilience: Probably becoming one of my least favourite words. Not for what it is, but for how it is understood. Say the word and images of SAS soldiers charging up mountains and enduring unspeakable hardship spring to mind. Hero’s battling and triumphing against insurmountable odds. Grit. Gumption. The right stuff. Anything less is “weakness”. It’s […]

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Assault or Lawful Force?

news , Personal Safety

Assault or Lawful Force? “Touch me and I’ll have your job!” and “Get your hands off me, that’s assault! I know my rights!” Oh really… These little statements or variations of them are trotted out almost routinely and unfortunately seem to have a lot of people running scared. Primarily because a little part of us […]

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