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Top five tips for supporting wellbeing in the workplace
A return to a ‘new normal’- a resilience challenge. The world has changed. In just a few short months the[...]
Supporting staff wellbeing as retail comes out of lockdown
This article first appeared in you remember what it was like before Covid-19? Some of us might wistfully reminisce about[...]
Coronavirus and my wellbeing
The spread of the coronavirus is a very worrying news for us all. Turn on the TV and we hear[...]
Wellbeing is not a PR stunt
Dave’s organisation has a wellbeing policy. They are on it. They have Mental Health Champions, an Employee Assistance Programme and[...]
‘Manage Stress’ or ‘Build Resilience’?
A common observation on our courses is that ‘life’ is a whole lot more stressful than it used to be.[...]
‘Stress’ or ‘Disability’- What do we have to do?
As mental health and safety specialists, there are two questions we get asked more often than any other:1.   Is 'work-related stress'[...]
Mirror mirror on the wall…
Our bodies are capable of some pretty incredible things. They get us moving every day, fight off illness, and can[...]
Is Safety and Health at the heart of your work?
Yes, you have your fire assembly point sign on the door and a first aid kit in the cupboard. And[...]
Stress: If we didn’t cause it, it’s not our problem.
Stress doesn’t have to start at work to become a problem at work. You’ve had an argument with your partner[...]
Is Poor Work-Life Balance Holding Women Back?
It’s no secret that gender equality in the boardroom is a real issue for businesses. In fact, the number of[...]
You Did What To Yourself?
Self-harm is rarely about ‘attention seeking’. Nor is it something that only teenagers do to be part of whatever group[...]
Food For Thought
Say 'Eating Disorder' and images of painfully thin supermodels spring to mind. Most people think that if you don't look[...]
We Need To Talk
The workplace is an especially difficult place to talk about mental health. In fact, only 16% of employees feel able[...]
If You Go Down To The Digital Woods Today…
The older generation will remember the first miraculous introduction of email at work or hold a sense of nostalgia for[...]
The Sleep Resolution
Do you see what I did there? Among the many New Year’s promises I’ve indulged in over the years, this is my most[...]
It Needn’t Be Lonely This Christmas
Back in 1974, British glam rock band Mud topped the UK singles chart with the now-perennial festive season song ‘Lonely[...]
Unlucky 13 For Retail Workers
Triskaidekaphobia (TRIS-kye-DEK-ə-FOH-bee-ə) is the fear of the number 13. For a whole host of reasons, thirteen is notorious for being[...]
I’ll Drink To That, Or Maybe Not…
Common mental disorders like anxiety and depression affect 1 in 5 women and 1 in 8 men.It may be tempting[...]
Have You Got His Back?
Last year 4382 men took their own lives in the UK. That’s around 12 a day, right here in the United Kingdom.[...]
Does Hi-Tech Cause Hi-Stress?
Yes it can. That’s my view. But I should elaborate: yes, I believe it can if we forget that we[...]
Mental Health And Our Children
Ah, something very close to my heart, literally. Children. Especially my children.As a dad, I’m delighted to see that this[...]
Do You Like What We’ve Done With The Place?
Six years ago, Gemma and I sat on the sofa in our living room and came up with the name[...]
Don’t be tempted to work on holiday!
This is a topical and timely subject, because I’ve just enjoyed a lovely summer holiday with my family. You’re not[...]
Suicide: The unacceptable killer that has no place in a civilised society
Excuse me if it looks like I’m repeating myself, or being gloomy, but I need to talk about suicide.As usual, there’s[...]
PTSD: Not Just For Soldiers
Hear Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and I’m sure most imagine the men and women of our emergency services and[...]
Lead From The Top, Or Lose The Race
Mental Health Awareness Week ran from 14th to 20th May. And the subject at the heart of this year’s event[...]
Stress: Are We Coping?
In support of Mental Health Awareness Week, which runs from 14th to 20th May 2018, I want to share my perspective on an issue[...]
Don’t Worry, Be Happy!
Before you start whistling or humming yourself into a nostalgic frenzy, a question … have you heeded the advice of[...]
Gender Communication Gap?
​ Is talking about mental health harder for men?Let’s put that in context: not all talking, and not all men,[...]
Is Resilience All It’s Cracked Up To Be?
Resilience: Probably becoming one of my least favourite words. Not for what it is, but for how it is understood.Say the[...]
Fit Note or Sick Note?
A "Fit Note" is a record of advice from your Doctor. But I wonder how many are used as they[...]
“It Will Never Happen To Me”
Complacency: “a feeling of calm satisfaction with your own abilities or situation that prevents you from trying harder”Cambridge Online DictionaryWe have[...]
Can Stress Cause Bad Decisions?
He caught himself in the moment... and he couldn’t believe what he was doing.It had been a tough few months[...]
Living to Work or Working to Live?
Ever heard the japanese word "karoshi"? No, you can't eat it or get a black belt in it... It translates[...]
Just Saying You Care Doesn’t Mean You Do
In this post I want to bring together the worlds of "Wellbeing" and "Conflict Management" by addressing a couple of[...]
Mental Health Awareness Post Round Up
Awareness events are great, but as Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 draws to a close, far too many may feel[...]
Are you “Surviving” or “Thriving”?
Check out this pair of pumpkins… They are both the same variety of pumpkin. They are both orange. They are[...]
Does “Agile/Home/Flexible” Working Increase Risk?
As the footsteps behind her got louder she knew it wasn’t good.The hairs on the back of her neck stood[...]
Just because it’s “approved” doesn’t make it safe
"If someone told you to jump into a fire, would you?"Like most parents I just said the words without thinking;[...]
Depression: Don’t “Man Up”!
What makes a young man walk onto a train track and laydown? Or throw himself from a multi-storey car park[...]
Face Down Restraint- Could We Be Missing The Point?
Once again prone or "face down restraint" is in the news. An awful lot has been made about how dangerous[...]
Self Harm: All Just Attention Seeking?
​"Self harm is all about attention seeking, they want people to think they are going to kill themselves""It's something that[...]
Eating Disorders: It’s All Just Vanity
"It's a phase... just something teenage girls get, and they will grow out of it...""Its a lifestyle choice, not an[...]
“We Are All A Bit OCD…Aren’t We?”
"Pop quiz hot shot..."Remember the movie with a bomb on a bus, set to explode if it travels less than[...]
Trust Your Gut- It’s Always Looking Out For You
He couldn't believe he'd been stabbed. And it was bad.How could he have walked into this. He had known something[...]
Suicide… Nobody Saw It Coming?
Suicide...Nobody saw it coming. A routine “Concern for Welfare” job that I would come to deal with on an almost[...]
What is Mental Health First Aid?
What is Mental Health First Aid?If you thought a colleague or service user was struggling with their mental health would[...]
Can I Arm Myself If Someone Breaks In?
  So, everyone's worst nightmare...It's the middle of the night and you are woken by the sound of smashing glass[...]
Under-reporting of Aggression in Housing
  Under-reporting of Aggression in Housing If you manage staff or have responsibility for Health and Safety where you work,[...]
“There’s nothing I can do about it”
  Hands up if you’ve ever been asked to do something at work that you thought was risky. You felt[...]
Assault or Lawful Force?
Assault or Lawful Force? “Touch me and I’ll have your job!” and “Get your hands off me, that’s assault! I[...]
What is Reasonable Force?
​What is Reasonable Force?Have you ever asked this question and been left even more confused by the answer?You are probably[...]