Conflict Management Trainer Course

Tell us about your perfect trainer course and we will make it happen!

Designed around you processes and policies, our Bespoke Train the Trainer courses can include:

Conflict Management, Lone Working and Personal Safety, Deescalation/Breakaway Skills or whatever else you need. 

So what's in the course...

Well, it's bespoke so it can include anything you need (with reason, obviously).

Normally delivered over 3-5 days, we will work with you to tailor course content to your specific requirements at no additional cost.  

We design the course for you, and then teach you how to deliver it!

On completion of the course you'll become one of our Licensed Centres. This means you will receive ongoing support from us, access to free online resources, and can run courses when you need them in your organisation. 

We provide you with all materials required to deliver the course including, Risk Assessments; Lesson Plans; Safety Briefs and Safe Systems of work to follow to ensure the safe running of courses.

Courses designed with you to meet your needs

On-going support from us,   so you're never alone

Access to our online resources included

Everything you need to run your own courses, in-house

Depending on your needs, we can train you to deliver any of the following learning objectives:

  • Health and Safety law and what it means for Lone working 
  • Review your current Lone Working Policy and how it is applied in reality
  • Know what is meant by the term “challenging behaviour”
  • Understand how Verbal and Non-verbal communication skills can keep us safe
  • Understand the crisis cycle and develop strategies for behaviours that challenge
  • Understand how setting and conditions can impact on a person’s behaviour
  • How to dynamically risk assess a situation
  • Diffusion and Deescalation techniques
  • Know and understand what is meant be the term “Reasonable Force”
  • Know when it is appropriate to use disengagement or break away techniques

Here's what our clients have to say...

Claire Reeves People Development Content & Design Manager, AS Watson Group

People Development Content & Design Manager, AS Watson Group

I’ve worked with Terry and Team Oakwood on multiple projects. It’s a sad fact that the violence and aggression is on the rise in the retail sector and AS Watson wanted to be proactive and give our colleagues the knowledge and tools to defuse a potentially intense situation that could put our teams, colleagues or visitors at risk.

The feedback’s been incredible, fun and engaging. Our retail colleagues are telling us it helps to build their confidence. I highly recommend Team Oakwood – An innovative training provider that works towards tailoring their solution to your business.

Helen Hastings Learning and Development Advisor, PA Housing

Learning and Development Advisor, PA Housing

From start to finish Oakwood have been superb, both Terry and Gemma are a genuine delight to work with. Alongside their professionalism, obvious knowledge and skills with regards to De-escalation and Personal Safety and Train the Trainer, they have also been easy to contact and discuss requirements with, very enthusiastic and more than happy to accommodate business requirements. The delivery style of both Terry and the other trainers has been consistently excellent, with our colleagues always commenting on how interesting, engaging and knowledgeable they are. From an L&D point of view we couldn’t ask for anything more and personally, they would always be my first choice of provider for Personal Safety.